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Go-Ped Models


Brand new from Go-PedŽ the X-PedŽ. If you feel like ripping it up on the jumps or want a strong reinforced ped, the X-PedŽ is for you. Made with thicker tubeing in the frame and billet wheels feel safe ridin' this tank. Sorry guys, it still comes with the 1.2 H.P. Zenoar-Komatsu G23 engine, but the timing is advanced for more added power.
X-PedŽ - Baby Blue


The original California Go-PedŽ, fondly known as the Sport model has been the pioneer for a complete line of Go-PedŽ products since 1985. At under 20 lbs. in combination with it's direct drive precision 1.2 H.P. Komatsu-Zenoah engine creates the simplest transfer of power and the greatest power to weight ratio of any transportation device in the world. The Sportú Go-PedŽ also boasts numerous other world records including the ability to carry over 20 times its empty weight, turning radius under two feet and a rugged reliability due to its unparalleled weight to strength ratio. It is the most popular choice among racers and casual Go-PedŽ enthusiasts alike.
Sport - Red or Blue


The Liquimatic Go-PedŽ, is the closest thing to a magic carpet you will ever find. The next step up from the Sport model. The two are almost identical in every respect, except for the Liquamatic™ Hydraulic Torque Converter Drive Assembly, This superior clutch design is a miniature version of a hydraulic torque converter you will find on an automobile. The automatic drive assembly creates a silky smooth power transfer to a friction drive system similar to the Sport but with a feel and performance all its own.
Liquimatic - Yellow


Under development for several years by the engineering and design team of Patmont Motor Werks. Answering the many requests and needs for the off-road Go-PedŽ and continuing the tradition of clever innovative design features by the doctors of the Skunk Works at P.M.W.
Bigfoot - Army Green


Get to Know the California Go-PedŽ, with the California Know-PedŽ. Constructed with the same aircraft quality materials and design features, including a classic rear fender and heel operated brake. The first non-motorized Go-PedŽ, similar to the motorized models the Know-Ped is a perfect starter unit for future Go-Pedders and also very popular among human power enthusiasts, students, commuters, and youth alike.
Know-Ped - Orange, Blue, Red, Yellow


Based on Go-PedŽ technology for four-wheeled fun, the California Go-QuadŽ is a fun cart that is more like a Go-PedŽ times two. Everyone can enjoy the Go-QuadŽ with its throttle and breaking controls conveniently located on the steering handles, there are no limitations to how tall, big or old you are. It features a self adjusting drive system and a size that permits you to put two in your family car trunk. The Go-Quad is also becoming a favorite form of racing among the performance and family fun crowd. If farfagnugen is German for driving pleasure, how do you say driving fun?
Go-Quad - Orange

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