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Go-Ped Tips

Tire Adjustment Instructions
1.Open quick release axle to unlock and allow free movement
of wheel (wing nut may need to be loosened also).

2.With Quick Release Axle opened and loosened, rotate purple engine
protection washer (EPW) down, away from rear gas tank support stud.

3.Apply up to 75 lb of weight to rear part of Go-PedŽ deck (one knee on
the "D" works pretty good) with rear wheel on the ground. (To apply
proper wheel/spindle contact).

4.Rotate engine protection washer (EPW) up to contact rear gas tank stud
while weight is still applied, this will prevent overload to engine bearings
and crankshaft.

5.Lock Down quick release lever with snug pressure. This will lock axle in
position until readjustment is required.

Thanks to and Fun on a Stick for this tip.

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